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Welcome to Connect to Soul

l-404045Yeah, welcome to the new home of all my 30 years of learning and teaching, welcome to Connect to Soul.

In 1987 around the time of a massive harmonic convergence my life as I had known it began to unravel. I was forced to confront every belief and every opinion I had so proudly held for all of my adulthood. It was definitely one of the most challenging and painful periods of my entire life.

What I recognise now of course as in hindsight all things become obvious, is that it was time for me to wake up and go upon my journey of living according to my soul purpose for having incarnated in the first place. So I began the journey which took me to many places and revealed parts of myself I had not realised were waiting within.

For the next 30 years I found my way from being a reactionary physically oriented person to becoming a responsive consciously aware energy being who is having an amazing human existence. I learned to view this life and all it encompasses in a very different way which has given me wisdom, inner peace and complete unconditional self-love and appreciation.

In those 30 years I taught what I learned and so now I am delighted to bring the accumulated material online for anyone all over the world to access it and implement it in their own lives and find the same level of peace and joy that I have.

My mission in this life time is to spread light energy wherever I go, to inspire and educate whoever is ready to find their true essence and when connecting to soul and learning to follow that inner guidance every day to always feel safe, to always feel loved and to never ever feel alone.

I welcome interactive dialogue and hope you will leave comments and send in question on the ‘What’s on your mind’ area below. I intend to create a weekly YouTube video answering your questions.

Let’s continue to make this a more caring world, a kinder world, a more loving world and most of all a more aware world one person at a time.

I send love and light around the world.

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