The Secret to Life

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This is that life instruction manual we all wished we had at birth to negotiate our way through the myriad of challenges and changes toward a fulfilling purposeful life journey. A life manual filled with practical tools to live an empowered fulfilled best practice life.

Yvonne states that the secret to living an empowered enriched life is that everything is energy and when we become consciously aware of that it offers an unlimited field of power untapped by the unaware.

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Get book direct from Von – Includes a personally signed copy plus postage and handling worldwide.

The Secret to Life is:

To gain the knowledge and understanding that we are electro-magnetic energy beings, living in an energy field of unlimited potential and possibilities and once that knowledge is attained, to enable us to utilize it consciously at will, by choice, for the good of all. Every thought you think either makes you healthy or sick, wealthy or poor, happy or miserable. Choose wisely for the power is in the knowledge that you can choose to think anything you please. Go forth and think happy thoughts, healthy thoughts, rich thoughts and view the world with hope, joy and love, and have a glorious experience.

What you do in this life is irrelevant, it is who you are in relation to what you do that determines how well your soul progresses.

This book is the compilation of 30 years of practical work in empowerment, personal development and spiritual guidance counseling.

It is easy to read and the tools offered are not only easy to implement but make just common sense once you understand the reason for them. It will definitely become a daily companion as you travel forward on your way to an improved joyful quality of life.

This book will take you on a journey of self-discovery with the aim to awaken the deep truth of who you really are and how you can learn to live an empowered fulfilled life which your soul always intended.

Yvonne Teoh Bource provides the insight and easy to apply tools to make changes which will give you a new perspective on life and yourself, resulting in greater contentment, fulfillment and inner peace. Your beliefs create your thoughts, your thoughts create your feelings, your feelings create your words, your words create your actions, your actions create your character and your character creates destiny. ‘The Secret to Life’ shows the way to examine all of the above and to make the adjustments necessary to live your best life not by accident but by choice and conscious awareness. A must have if you wish to fully experience the best of yourself. Now also available on Kindle.

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