Coaching Testimonials

I have worked with Yvonne over the past few years. The timing and the lessons for personal growth have always arisen when I needed some guidance and a touch base for my own personal beliefs and goals. I feel that I have learnt a great deal about who I am and what I can achieve through the confidence in what I have gained through my sessions, and how to process some of life’s little challenges in a different and positive way. I believe that guidance is a blessing, and I couldn’t think of a better person to be there in my times of need. Love and Light Brooke

Brooke Veltjen

A deeply felt gratitude for your caring of our mother during her last year whilst she battled cancer. Thank you so much for your support and kindness throughout this difficult time. Mum was always so much better after her sessions with you. I was always grateful for that. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Yvonne Teoh Bource knows so much about this time of transition on Earth and beyond that it is good to be plugged in to her inspired guidance. Yvonne is not just a guru telling us what to do but a support to help us to make sense of our lives for ourselves. She is not only happy with life, she is contented. .. And I’m getting that way too!

Meredith Forster

It has always been the practice of our Findhorn Group to endorse a group or individual that we feel is doing work to enhance the lives of others. At our last meeting we felt very clearly that our support should go to you Yvonne for the work you continue to do. We send our blessings and love.

Findhorn Australia

Thank you for teaching us these practical techniques to improve ourselves and our families. I think all of us will take home these new thoughts, beliefs and attitudes which will enrich our everyday lives.

Anger Management Class 1997

Thank you for teaching us these practical techniques to improve ourselves and our families. I think all of us will take home these new thoughts, beliefs and attitudes. You have given us a new way of seeing things and a better way to express our needs and project our concerns. I feel much calmer and able to communicate my needs more honestly. I hope we can meet again in the near future and share more of your wisdoms and guidance which will enrich our every day lives.

Anger management group 2005.

Thank you for your wonderful facilitating and guidance. The Universe is truly blessed by your energy.


A little note to let you know that our sessions were of great benefit to me. Whilst I know that I am by no means ‘cured’, due to a change in my outlook, I now house a much calmer, less stressed soul.


Connect to Soul Retreats

GIFT OF A LIFETIME – I would highly recommend this retreat to people who want to be connected to their soul, their purpose and their life. It was very well organised and I did not have to concern myself with any details, I had 10 days to focus fully on myself, my connection to life with others and spiritually. I learned it is great to be me and to be comfortable with who I am. Von is a fantastic mentor, the experience she gave me and the others in the retreat was a gift of a lifetime. The group was an ideal size to heighten my experiences and I learned through others too. I have been back home for 2 weeks and I am still discovering things about myself, so it is a gift that keeps on giving. Sama’s Cottages was like home to me, it was comfortable and the staff were friendly and giving. The days were filled with activities which enhanced my life. You have to experience this retreat as there are really no words to describe how diverse and magnificent it was and continues to be afterwards.


CONNECT TO SOUL – WOW what a life changing experience this retreat was and still is. This retreat was a gift to myself for me. Just to be able to BE me. It was so well organized and balanced throughout the whole trip, it couldn’t have been any better. I had total trust in Von and just went with the flow. I felt like a princess at Sama’s Cottages at Ubud, in the beautiful surroundings and friendly staff. It was not only my own experiences that impacted me, the energy, love & support of the group was phenomenal. I highly recommend this journey to anyone who wants to be truly connected, Von was the perfect mentor!

Bec E

I FOUND WONDERFUL – An unparalleled 10 days of pampering myself in an environment of beauty and kindred spirits – in my own little tropical retreat just for me at Sama’s Cottages in the centre of Ubud. Von’s planning and implementation of the Connect to Soul appeared tailored “just for me” achieving transformations in how to achieve the highest possibility for me and the ripple effect makes me great-full for the continuing opportunities to grow. It is a great feeling to be in the company of like minded spirits. Thanks to all participants with special thanks for the overall organisation mixed with meditation and trips to amazing places. Much appreciated.


LEAP INTO THE UNKNOWN – Having had the privilege to attend Von’s inaugural 2012 Spiritual Retreat, held at Samas Cottages, was a stepping stone to face my fears, so I could leap into the unknown. Committed to my continued growth, I once again leaped at the opportunity to attend the 2014 Connecting to Soul Retreat – a gift to myself. Whilst I will take away so many insights and amazing experiences that touched my soul, two things stand out for me. First, this retreat provided an excellent point of reference for acknowledging the extent of my growth in those two years, and now I could celebrate that success. The other, inspired by a group member, was experiencing the freedom of jumping (doing a water bomb) into the deep end of the swimming pool. All my life I’ve had an immense fear of going into the deep end, so this was symbolically very important for me. Again I needed to face my fear and LEAP into the unknown to grow. While tasselling for quiet sometime I was being lovingly supported by Von and the group. Finally I jumped into the deep end of the pool and I felt safe and empowered! I take from this feeling more empowered to LEAP into the unknown, as I enter a new direction of my life. I would highly recommend ‘Connecting to Soul Retreat’ to everyone wanting to discover their true self, wanting to life a live they love and wanting continued growth. Von is an inspirational women who ‘walks the talk’, as well an amazing teacher and mentor. She has created a retreat that is balanced, healing and safe for the exploration of ‘Self’. Samas Cottages what a perfect setting, surrounded by nature, providing the tranquillity one needs while on a retreat. Our host Katherine and Wayan honoured us as family and were completely supportive throughout the retreat. The cottage was excellent (privacy), breakfasts were delicious and the staff provided service with heart.


FREEING – Von’s Connect to Soul Bali Retreat was just the thing I needed….after a traumatic and difficult year with the passing of my son….a getaway and time to reflect as well as immerse myself in this beautiful SOUL ~full experience was exactly what fit the bill. Von’s extensive research has sourced the perfect resort location…Samas Cottages, the perfect tour guide…restaurants to delight the taste buds, meditations and reflection time to delve deeper into the significance and relevance of the Balinese culture, its philosophies and people. I experienced a stress free time and found myself returning relaxed and soul connected…free to build on this “calm” and inner freedom energy I have created now….I feel very very Zen like…..just as I was in Bali away from it all, now I am above it all and I know the lessons and valued realizations and inspiration will carry on into my everyday life…Thanks VON for an amazing experience never to be forgotten.


CALMING – ” Calming” best describes my 10 days spent at ” Connect to Soul Retreat” at Sama’s cottages, Ubud. Beautiful gardens, a meditation room, a relaxing pool and a lovely private suite just for me. The ” Connect to Soul ” experience was the icing on the cake. Yvonne Teoh Bource coordinated a program that allowed us to sink unobtrusively into the Balinese culture as we connected with our soul, our life purpose, our reason for being. Water, fire, nature, all contributed to the experience. As you might expect the people who attend these retreats are all like-minded and make a wonderful support and friendship group for the experience. Highly recommended for people travelling alone.


THE TIME TO CONNECT AND GROW INTO THE PERSON YOU WERE MEANT TO BE – The Connect to Soul retreat gives you the time and space to look inside your self and answer those nagging questions you have about the next step in your life. The energy of Bali and especially Ubud along with the beautiful Balinese people you will meet, help you stop and connect. We were able to experience amazing places and events and use the gift of meditation to let go of the noise that distracts you and keeps you busy but not fulfilled. Suksme(Thank you) Sama’s Cottages, Ubud, Bali and Von for the Connect to Soul Retreat.


INCREDIBLE – To have the opportunity to be “distraction free” for 10 days was the first part of the gift. The energy that Von has put into creating the space for us all was incredible. There really was such a wonderful balance between nurturing our mind, body and soul. And to experience all of this while staying in the beautiful Samas Cottages, was the icing on the cake. I would highly recommend this retreat for anybody wanting the opportunity to really live “from the inside out”. The benefits have continued as I am now home again. JUST ME! – The beautiful environment set the scene: sunny days; lush gardens; exotic garden flowers; flowers used for offerings and decorations around the cottages; very comfortable accommodation (for one) and smiley, gentle staff quietly going about their work and religious devotion. Our leader took charge of the itinerary and was the conduit between our group and the locals. Her in depth knowledge of the Balinese culture and her solid contacts with the locals, was evident from the start. Her goal was to coach us to live less as humans in a physical body and more as spiritual, energetic beings. She lives this way herself so her authenticity shone through. Our days were filled with individual meditation time, group meditations, religious and spiritual ceremonies and visiting spiritual places and people. Interspersed with this journey of connecting to soul, was time to enjoy the Balinese culture with trips to cafes and restaurants and cultural performances. We also had time to nurture our bodies with massages and beauty treatments. As time progressed, we became more and more in touch with our spiritual selves and thus connected to soul. Along the way, there were emotional issues to work through and our leader and peers supported us through this. For myself, I feel I have reclaimed ‘me’ at soul level and I have bought home strategies to keep myself connected at soul level. I am so very grateful!…..


A BEAUTIFUL PARADIS TO REFLECT,CONNECT AND REPLENISH MY SOUL – Von’s ‘Connect to Soul Bali’ retreat gave me more than I could ever have imagined. Peace, meditation, self enquiry cleansing, healing and spiritual growth. Von gave so much of herself and her energy to ensure we fully experienced the spiritual Bali. It opened my eyes to how much I take for granted in my daily life. Helping Meme to make daily offerings of the little baskets filling them with beautiful flowers to give thanks for every blessing was very humbling. The blessings and healings I received from such special people given with such love and acceptance is something I will treasure. Von planned everything with such care and with so much love, it was a gift in it’s self from her. Sama’s cottages with their lovely staff who took great care of us is a wonderful place to stay. It was a pleasure being able to relax and be pampered by the pool with a massage or facial or having coffee at Koppe on Bisma, their cafe. The energy is something I feel I need to experience again for continued growth. Thank you Von for a special time and birthday too!!


Spiritual Book Club

The spiritual book club, the books selected for reading and discussion during club nights are eye openers and assisted me on my journey in my current health crisis, the book are easily read and turning salient points into an action plan makes the effort to attend book club night all the more satisfying

Kurt Rieger

A deeply felt gratitude for your caring of our mother during her last year whilst she battled cancer. Thank you so much for your support and kindness throughout this difficult time. Mum was always so much better after her sessions with you. I was always grateful for that. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


I have been participating in the monthly book club for over 12 months and have thoroughly enjoyed the spiritual journey, fellowship and the friendship of other book club members. Each book has flowed on from the previous book but it hasn’t mattered if I haven’t had time to read the book. The invitation to be involved and be a part of the discussion is still extended plus Von provides excellent notes which gives you a good perspective and tickles your curiosity into wanting to buy the book and read it for yourself. Each book provokes food for thought and spirit and the people you meet are like minded. It is an enjoyable evening and one I can recommend.

Kay R

The Spiritual Book Club keeps me on the right track. It is like a chord that pulls me forward constantly. I don’t ever like to miss the monthly club nights. It keeps me connected with other people on this spiritual path. It provides a forum to speak and to listen to other people on spiritual matters which you would otherwise not have an opportunity for. It gives you an opportunity for continuous inspiration, education and growth. With every new book there is something there for you that you need at that specific time. It is great to hear other people’s comments. Our mentor Von fleshes out the discussions giving guidance when needed as well as providing comprehensive notes for each book.

Jane B

Transformation Games

I recently played my first transformation game with a lovely group of ladies which was fun to play. We laughed a lot and cried a little bit and fully supported each other. This game didn’t hold back any punches with the conscious or unconscious issues it brings you face to face with. It asks you to be in your truth, be present, guides you and, with help from Von, offers solutions to setting you on the right path. With copious cups of tea, yummy snacks and a shared lunch we played our way through to the end of the day going home with a more enlightened mind and plenty to think about. Would I recommend or play this game again? Yes I would.


Transformation Game ; it’s a game that helped me change my life. It’s a game for 4 but you are playing for yourself. It helps you find effective ways of dealing with current life issues that are holding you back on your lives journey and playing in a group you learn that you are not alone in lives problem solving. Always learning and growing.

Kurt Rieger

I entered the room not knowing what to expect and walked out feeling like I have discovered more about myself through play, sharing and exploring. An experience that I will definitely do again and would recommend to others.


The Transformation Game is interesting because it brings four people together seemingly randomly. But it soon becomes evident that they are meant to be together at that time on that day and a common thread appears. At first I was wondering if this was going anywhere in the morning session but it all seemed to come together in the afternoon. It provided me with a lot of clarity about where I was at that particular time and it gave me signpost to help me move forward in a positive reflective way. I think there would be value in doing this Game at least once a year. It is like a snapshot of where you are at that particular time.