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Spiritual Book Club


For many years I conducted monthly group gatherings with the aim of providing education and inspiration to my clients, a kind of ongoing maintenance program. Just over two years ago this grew into what is now a much loved Spiritual Book Club where people read together in order to keep growing together.

I love to write and I love to read, but what I love most is to be able to implement and teach the wisdom gained from the books I read and then celebrate the outcomes. Since then we have read many great books and continue to enjoy the lively discussions on club night.

This has become one of the most enjoyable things I have done over the years and has continued to be very popular.

We learn, laugh and love through reading wonderful books together. This is building and growing a beautiful community of people who share openly their journey on this path toward living as conscious aware beings pursuing their passion and soul purpose.

You can either join me personally each month or with people worldwide on our video webinars.

To join us in Frankston once a month please contact me and I will send you details of the current book title and the next club date

or sign up for the book club membership below and never have to miss a club night again.

GREAT NEWS – Spiritual Book Club Membership

Join our Spiritual Book Club from anywhere around the world through a monthly webinar where we can share and discuss books exactly like those of us who gather in person. I will make the same notes available to you in a simple download and you can share your insights from the monthly book with all who join the webinar no matter where you live. You now have a choice to either attend in person or from afar. This is a first, and an exciting expansion of what is already a most enjoyable experience. If you happen to miss the allocated time for the webinar you will have a recording emailed to you.


  • Monthly discussions with other club members via webinar or in person by attending locally
  • Extensive notes on current book
  • Access to library of past books read plus notes
  • Receive recordings of monthly webinar

Membership fee only $35.00 per month.