Spiritual Book Club

For many years I conducted monthly group gatherings with the aim of providing education and inspiration to my clients, a kind of ongoing maintenance program. Just over two years ago this grew into what is now a much loved Spiritual Book Club where people read together in order to keep growing together.

I love to write and I love to read, but what I love most is to be able to implement and teach the wisdom gained from the books I read and then celebrate the outcomes. Since then we have read many great books and continue to enjoy the lively discussions on club night.

This has become one of the most enjoyable things I have done over the years and has continued to be very popular.
We learn, laugh and love through reading wonderful books together. This is building and growing a beautiful community of people who share openly their journey on this path toward living as conscious aware beings pursuing their passion and soul purpose.

You can either join me personally each month or with people worldwide on our Facebook Global Spiritual Book Club.


To join us in Frankston once a month please contact me and I will send you details of the current book title and the next club date


The spiritual book club, the books selected for reading and discussion during club nights are eye openers and assisted me on my journey in my current health crisis, the book are easily read and turning salient points into an action plan makes the effort to attend book club night all the more satisfying


I have been participating in the monthly book club for over 12 months and have thoroughly enjoyed the spiritual journey, fellowship and the friendship of other book club members. Each book has flowed on from the previous book but it hasn’t mattered if I haven’t had time to read the book. The invitation to be involved and be a part of the discussion is still extended plus Von provides excellent notes which gives you a good perspective and tickles your curiosity into wanting to buy the book and read it for yourself. Each book provokes food for thought and spirit and the people you meet are like minded. It is an enjoyable evening and one I can recommend.


The Spiritual Book Club keeps me on the right track. It is like a chord that pulls me forward constantly. I don’t ever like to miss the monthly club nights. It keeps me connected with other people on this spiritual path. It provides a forum to speak and to listen to other people on spiritual matters which you would otherwise not have an opportunity for. It gives you an opportunity for continuous inspiration, education and growth. With every new book there is something there for you that you need at that specific time. It is great to hear other people’s comments. Our mentor Von fleshes out the discussions giving guidance when needed as well as providing comprehensive notes for each book.