7 day Spiritual Transformational Intensive

Connect to Your Soul

LIFE CHANGING ENRICHMENT through Meditation, Purification and Healing taking you to ultimate TRANSFORMATION

Connect to your heart, awaken to your authentic self Seven transformational days packed with meditation, purification, reflection and healing to connect soul, mind and body as one in the most beautiful setting with the most beautiful people.

Join Author, Intuitive Life Coach and Spiritual Mentor Vonn Teoh Bource with an intimate group of soul connected people for an amazing transformational experience to take your next step out of 3rd Dimensional Limitation into 5th Dimensional alignment and freedom. Explore deeply within and reveal where peace and truth reside. Seven glorious days away from the stresses and demands of your daily life. Days filled with meditation, reflection, purification, prayer, relaxation and pampering as well as some good food, great company and lots of laughter.

A life changing opportunity in the beautiful surroundings of the intimate boutique Balinese hotel at Samas Cottages http://www.samascottagesubud.com/  in Ubud Bali with staff dedicated to make your stay comfortable and memorable in the best possible way.

The intimacy of a relatively small group, (maximum 10) gives the opportunity for everyone to get individual attention and care and creates life long bonds among the attendees and the staff at Samas Cottages.

Not only will you have Vonn’s 33 years of coaching and spiritual guidance to support your every day but you will meet with some amazing Balinese healers and Shaman and experience the gentle, warm Balinese people as they open their hearts to us. Visit Temples and forests with incredible energy. A cacophony of sound, smell and color all to enrich your experience of self and the world around you. Come home refreshed and reconnected to soul. A life enriching experience you will want to repeat time and time again.

There are many benefits from doing this 7 Day Transformational Intensive. Firstly it is not a retreat, although you are taking seven days away from your every day life. These seven days are specifically designed to give you time with you. The days are filled with activities that are all aimed at giving you a better understanding of life and a closer relationship with yourself and your soul. This is a total time out to be.
We have listed some benefits that previous participants have voiced so that you too can look forward to this life enhancing opportunity.
The most obvious change I notice every time is that people go away with is the knowledge that they are never alone.

• You will receive an amazing healing experience from the healers and priests, from the peace and serenity of Sama’s Cottages and the respect and love of the staff, and most of all from being re-connected with your inner self, your soul and discovering you have a loving team to guide and protect you.
• An introduction to your higher self and guides as never before
• Knowing you are not alone, you have a soul group that is your very own and your fellow participants become friends for life.
• A journey to finding your authentic self
• A place to find inner peace and self-love at a higher vibration
• The opportunity to quieten the mind gaining the ability to access silence
• The ‘stillness’ and gentleness of the Balinese people is humbling
• You will gain increased self-awareness through the understanding of energy
• The benefit from the spiritual connectedness of the Balinese people through their daily rituals of prayers of protection and thanksgiving given with humility, gratitude and grace is unparalleled
• The sacredness, beauty and energy of their land, their temples, their culture and their love of sharing the richness of their traditions and blessings given unconditionally to us with an open heart
• You will receive a pathway to spiritual growth and conscious awareness which will continued to grow
• Greater awareness of energy and feelings
• Feelings of internal bliss
• A heightened awareness of your intuition
• An ongoing sense that you are always supported, no matter where your path leads
• You will gain a deeper understanding of what is your connection to your soul, your intuition and your purpose

  • Transport from and to Denpasar airport
  • 7 full days with Author, Intuitive Life  Coach and Spiritual Mentor, Vonn Teoh Bource
  • Wonderful individual Cottage accommodation with breakfast at Sama’s Cottages, a Balinese Family boutique hotel with amazing staff, a spiritual experience in itself
  • 3 lunches and 3 dinners provided
  • Ceremonial sarong, sash and fan + more
  • Informative Balinese driver and guide
  • Daily morning and evening meditations and connecting to soul with Vonn
  • In depth understanding of the Balinese Spiritual Culture
  • Participation in Balinese ceremonies not available to tourists
  • Healing, Cleansing and Purification rituals through fire and water and prayer
  • Visits to extraordinary Balinese Shaman and healer
  • Visit to an ancient Temple and prayer ritual in old growth forest not available to tourists
  • Amazing Sound Healing experience
  • Beautiful countryside
  • Exquisite Balinese food
  • Massages and pampering
  • Time for shopping
  • And so much more
  • A true mind, body, spirit rejuvenation, healing and purification experience.

Connect to Soul Retreat

Certificate of Excellence

“Here at Samas Cottages we are all so thrilled that Von has chosen us and our property to run her retreats from. In saying that, Von’s retreat is actually the only retreat we choose to allow to be held at Samas Cottages. This is because Von, like us, does everything straight from her heart, and that is why we work so well together. Von’s retreat is not just a superficial Bali holiday experience, it is a chance to embark fully on one’s journey of self improvement and empowerment. It is thanks to Von that we now live our lives to the fullest each day, and live with gratitude and peace. We are very excited to be hosting more regular retreats with Von.”

Kath Sudarta – Sama’s Cottages Ubud

March 22nd
to 29th 2021

Secure Your Spot With Deposit
$ 700
(non refundable)
  • SINGLES: $3595.00 AUD
  • SINGLES: $3595.00 AUD
  • DEPOSIT: $700.00 AUD
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Breakfast is included and cooked and prepared for you personally so you can specify your individual requirements.
All other meals will be outside and you have the opportunity to choose and order your own.
We only eat at reputable places and I will give you some suggestions for when you have free time and need to provide your own meal.

Sama’s Cottages is a Balinese Boutique Hotel consists individual cottages with en suit and small terrace set in an oasis of tropical garden. each participant has their own air conditioned cottage.

Sama’s Cottages is in a side street off the main road through Ubud with all shops, restaurants and spa facilities within a short walk.

You will be given an itinerary upon full payment of fees. It outlines the retreat program and leaves adequate space for free time. Just keep in mind the schedule is open to changes once we are there.

No! This Retreat is designed to give you time to yourself to have inner reflection and total focus on your needs. For the best results make this a completely family free time unless you wish to share the whole Retreat experience with a spouse, partner, sibling or adult child.

This depends on the currency exchange of the time plus the amount of shopping you will be tempted to do. I suggest you bring cash and change it to Rupiah in Ubud. There are many money changers there who will give you the best rate. Change $50.00 AUD at the airport before you come just to have some Rupiah in your pocket if you want to buy something at Denpasar airport. This should give you at least 400,000.00 Rupiah. There are some lunches and dinners you need to provide for yourself but food is very inexpensive.

We do not have any scheduled long walks but we will be walking through the paddy fields to lunch and we will be spending time walking in a very magnificent old growth park. You will have some free time to walk.

We have a daily meditation followed by a workshop/class at the venue after which we go outside for other activities. All transport to and from these activities is arranged and included.

No-one is ever asked to do anything they are not soul driven to do. I only ever create a safe space for people to feel they are nurtured and protected to open their hearts and soul’s at their own time.

Once you are booked in, you will be given an extensive list of things that would be advisable to bring with you and things that you need to be aware of.

NO! Never drink out of a tap. Get bottled water. Sama’s Cottages supplies you with two bottles of water every day plus a thermos of boiled water.

Not necessary. We will not be going anywhere that will put you at risk. However this is a personal choice and if you are unsure ask your doctor. I have been traveling to Bali AND Malaysia for over 50 years and have never had a vaccination or caught anything other than a tummy ache from too much spice.

You will be given a visa for 30 days on arrival at Denpasar. This is free. However, if you desire to stay on after the Retreat for longer than 30 days you will have to apply for a visa

Some photo’s from the Connect to Soul Retreat – Ubud, Bali