Personal Sessions

Empowerment Coaching aims to bring Mind, Body and Soul into alignment to create a life of purpose, love, joy, inner peace and success. We are conditioned to get a coach to become better at sport, at business and at school, however the one thing we need it most for is to live our life in the most productive and purposeful way possible in order to feel content and fulfilled. We have not considered to seek a coach to learn to live life like a champion.

To live life like a champion takes the same commitment, dedication, discipline and determination as becoming a champion swimmer, basketball player, golfer or tennis player. And yet we feel it is quite acceptable that these champions spend often 8 hours a day on perfecting their skills and again we often cannot see the importance of dedicating time to living and experiencing the best of ourselves.

The Connect to Soul Coaching packages are designed to give people practical tools to take back their power and to live their life from a focused, confident state of mind.

They are tailored specifically to the individuals need and include support and guidance throughout.

Connect to Soul is not just a place to get coaching, but a base for ongoing inspiration and education to maintain a happy, joyful fulfilled life.

If you are not completely happy with where you are in life or you feel there is more for you to explore and experience or you want to change your job, Empowerment Coaching will show you the way.

One on one coaching – 1 ½ hr session – personal, Skype or Phone - $150.00 – VIP members $120.00 1st session includes ‘The Secret To Life, the key to living your best life’ book.

This individual one on one session is designed to uncover the most relevant issue to address to begin making a positive difference in your life. It allows the client to become familiar with the coach, to feel if this is the right fit for them and to map out what they really want. It is the start for learning to take charge of your life and find the tools to do it.

At the end of the session it is decided what options for future programs would be most suited and a plan of action is put in place.

Block of 8 session pre booked - $985 – VIP members $900.00

All Coaching begins exactly the same way but once the initial goal has been decided and documented, the journey is designed to achieve the desired outcome. These 8 sessions can be over any time decided between client and coach.

12 monthly sessions - $1450 – VIP members - $1320.00

This coaching package is more often used as an ongoing maintenance program to keep clients on track with their intended goals. It makes sure that distractions are kept to a minimum and offers support and inspiration throughout the year.