Transforming Games of Life


A one day workshop only available in Melbourne.

Break through limitations and behavioral patterns, to gain greater clarity and insight while receiving practical guidance to transform to a more productive outcome.

The original board game was intuited at about 40 years ago as one of the most creative impulses to come out of the Findhorn Community in the UK. Today players and trained facilitators engage with the different versions of it in over 40 countries around the world, and the Game has been translated into nine different languages. This Game originally came to me in 1987 and over the years I have used it as yet one more way to empower and inspire people to find their true self in a one day workshop.

This Transforming Game of Life is a joyful way of understanding and transforming the way you play your LIFE. It looks at your life and the kinds of experiences you create, seeing how you react to them and how you can use these insights for your own growth. Through the Game you become more aware of your strengths and learn important lessons that can deepen your understanding of how you operate on the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual levels. Using my Intuitive skills and gifts I steer the individual through the insights and awarenesses that appear throughout the day. By providing new perspectives on current life issues, the Game helps you clarify old beliefs and attitudes and transform reaction patterns.

This  Game of Life triggers your creativity and lets you realize your full power and potential. The Game offers a stimulating and informative context that encourages openness, cooperation and sharing. It mirrors your life path and highlights your growing edge.

As it only accommodates four players it gives individual attention to each player and offers open and honest feedback from the game, other players and the facilitator.Create your own group of four or contact us and be placed on a waiting list for the next available game.

This Transforming Game of Life when played is the equivalent of six months one on one Spiritual Mentoring and Intuitive Life Coaching in one day with fun, love, support and guidance. You can arrange to play this with friends or join in with any group.

This is a full day workshop from 9.00am to 4.30pm with a follow up 1 1/2 hour one on one session about two weeks later to integrate all that is revealed during the day

Fees: Workshop – $160.00   Follow up private session $150.00

Please bring something to share for lunch. Tea, coffee and morning tea provided.

Location – Frankston Melbourne Australia