30 Day Empowerment Program

30 day Empowerment program

This is a companion work e-booklet to the book The Secret to Life. Setting in place an easy to follow daily plan to take back control of your life and steer it in a direction of soul purpose. This easily downloaded e-work-booklet gives the reader explicit guidelines for implementing some of the practical tools offered in the book and includes a list of 30 affirmations to be used as guides for each day of the program. It also included instructions for an energy clearing daily meditation. Using this simple set of tools and guidelines is an invaluable beginning to reclaiming your life and living it feeling confident and fulfilled.

The e-booklet will arrive in your email box as a PDF attachment. You simply save it and print it, and it is ready to lead you on a transforming healing journey toward a more empowered life.

This program is based on the premise that we create our reality through what we think and what we give our energy to. Therefore it is imperative that we become aware of our thoughts and the stories we run in our heads about what was and what might be which of course takes us away from the present and out of the state of conscious awareness.

Remember that if you are not happy with any part of your life, the change has to come from you. The 30 day program will give you first step to making changes for the better in your life.

I wish you a wonderful journey back to the real power of you.


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