Inspired Manifestation Masterclass

Invites you to an


  • Become a master at consciously creating your desires
  • Align with your soul intent and create that powerfully
  • Uncover the yet untapped part of you that awaits full expression
  • Discard fear and doubt, limitation and false beliefs
  • This is empowerment at a whole new level
  • You will be able to have what you desire and be all of your true self not through hoping and wishing but through knowing, trust and faith.

This ten-week intensive program will elevate you to live your life with a deep sense of peace and wellbeing as you travel through the layers of conditioning, beliefs and habitual behaviour patterns that have kept you from everything you want to be, everything you want to have and everything you can be.
  The next 10 week course commences Saturday February 2nd 2019 @ 2.00pm to 5.30pm
Venue: 3 Courageous Court, Frankston
Fee: $ 600.00 one payment or $ 220.00 x 3 payments                                                                    Deposit to secure your spot $100.00

To book or ask for more information contact me by phone or email through link below.

Here are some of the comments from people who did the course in 2017

Thanks Von, this course has been invaluable and timely. The opportunity for self-exploration through exercises and processes have enabled me to gain a stronger sense of self. It feels like it makes more sense to me. Super grateful for my time spent during the course with other like-minded souls. Always grateful for the amazing lessons and awareness that you share so freely and the impact and peace that you have helped me bring to my world. Very insightful. I feel an awakening. A great experience. I gained confidence with the affirmation exercises which increase my feeling of self-worth and deserving of my success. I appreciate the change in my thoughts are building new neural pathways that will benefit and build me. I can acknowledge with love the old conditioning. Connecting with my strengths, accepting myself with love, realizing my power. Sensational course, thank you so much for creating such an amazing 10 week program. I gained a belief in self to be able to be me with love, strength and acceptance. It is with gratitude & grace that I thank you for the blessings you share. It’s brought me even further up the Spiral of Frequency, expanding my awareness and creating new beliefs. My subconscious is my partner to my success. The 10 weeks went so very quickly. The group grew in connection as time went on. Thanks for all your prep work and thanks for fabulous delivery of information each week. The varied mediums used kept it engaging and interesting.