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healing mother earth‘We create our reality’, the catch phrase of the 21st century. People either believe that and are certainly endeavouring to live it consciously, or they pay lip service to it and speak the words without knowing what it really means, or it gets pooh hooed by those who proudly call themselves the sceptics. And then there is that group of people who are so deep into victimhood and blame, they just don’t even hear it.

I would like to take this opportunity to have a closer look at the phrase and challenge all who read this article to take stock of how creating our own reality sits in your life experience. It is time to stop talking the talk and really embrace walking the walk. The fact is that we are creating our life experiences by the way we think, speak, and act, every moment of our existence. This is happening 24/7, whether we are aware of it or not. When we are not aware, the vibrations of our thoughts, words and deeds continue to draw to us like vibrations, that is how this universe operates. A very exciting concept when we are having great and joyful experiences, but not so wonderful when our lives are falling into crisis and things don’t work. To own, that somewhere in our past thoughts, beliefs and attitude, we have sent out messages that have brought this about is not easy to acknowledge and much easier to blame someone or something outside of ourselves.

Movies such as ‘The Secret’ and ‘What the Bleep Do We Know, Down The Rabbit Hole’, alert us that thoughts create emotions which create vibrations which operate on ‘The Law of Attraction’. In ‘What The Bleep’ we are also shown clearly that the way we think and feel affects every cell in our body, thereby creating ill health or wellbeing.

Today I don’t want to talk about how this affects each and every one of us personally, because I believe that to even open a paper such as The Peninsula Alternative, you are most like well on your path to exploring all these beliefs and living most of them. Today I want to take this understanding of creating our reality a step further. For those of us who are taking full responsibility for creating our reality, and for those who are becoming aware and are putting it into practice, we are focusing mostly on personal desires, like health, wealth and love. However I believe there is a bigger picture we can and must include into our daily awareness for life as we know it to continue to exist.

I am talking about the state of our planet Mother Earth. I want to remind people that she is our mother and like a mother she has continued to give and give and give some more, until she feels empty, exhausted and unappreciated. The well of energy has dried up. Like any mother in this condition, she is beginning to become unwell, collapse, get angry in frustration for not being heard and if no one hears her she will ultimately die a worn out entity.

If we are priding ourselves on being these amazing creators of reality we have to take 100% responsibility for the state of our world at large. Humanity through her thoughts of anger, hate, judgment and continuous lack of responsibility for action and consequence are polluting this world minute by minute. Time to make a stop.

I challenge every reader to sit for a moment and own your power of creation and to focus your energy and attention to healing our mother earth. She has been raped and pillaged for years. To satisfy our own desires we keep digging into her and withdrawing from her energy and resources without any consideration of consequences. We are now beginning to see these consequences and politicians are playing their usual power games to come up with bandaid solutions while the money moguls are seeing it as another opportunity to exploit and increase already overflowing hoarded wealth.

As a mother myself, I understand the depleted energy of our Mother Earth and I also understand what she needs to get her strength back and to return to her vibrant self. Yes you guessed it, she needs to be recognised, appreciated and loved. That is how we can restore her balance. That might sound simple and it is, but it has been ignored. We just keep taking and looking at our planet to solve our energy needs and yet we give nothing in return other than more waste and pollution.

So how can we turn this around? Again we have been learning that to create our realities and have our desires come to fruition, we need to come from a place of gratitude. To be grateful for what we have. Well let us begin with paying Mother Earth attention and giving her some well deserved gratitude. I believe that when we all join our thoughts together and give thanks to our beautiful planet for all the goodness she has given, when even now whilst she is so tired and so damaged she continues to produce for us. If every morning as we wake and every evening as we prepare for sleep, we include her in our gratitude lists with love, honour and respect, we can and must heal our planet. Spend some time sending energies to revitalise, rejuvenate and restore Mother Earth and we can make a difference, the ripple effect can turn this around.

My work is focused on assisting people to have a better quality of life by understanding how they operate and how to get the most out of themselves. But what is the point of all this if we do not treasure and take responsibility for the care of the very entity that gives us this magnificent opportunity for life. Remember that we are the microcosm of the macrocosm, the state of the planet is a reflection of the state of our collective consciousness.

Today I challenge each and every one of you to take responsibility and to begin to give back to Mother Earth with thoughts of appreciation and love. Let us love her back to health, she deserves it, we are dependent on it.

Each and everyone of us can do our bit, as we work to improve our own lives, we must support the improvement of our Earth Mother. Yes indeed we do create our reality, so why would we continue to create self destruction? Time for change is now.

Yvonne Teoh Bource



87722080 or 0415 550962

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