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GratitudeGRATITUDE! Today is the first day of the rest of my life and I will live it in a state of gratitude for all I have and all that continues to flow into this amazing life. We are living in a society today where happiness is based on what and how much we have. We are told that we have to have more clothes, more gadgets, more houses or we need to be more beautiful, more intelligent more powerful or we have to be more successful. All this to measure up to what exactly? All this to give us a feeling of being happy.

What that creates is exactly the opposite because we are constantly focusing on what is missing from our lives that we now have to go and get rather than to be aware of all the beauty, the magic, the love that is on offer to us in every moment of this life if only we changed the way we look at life. Please take the next five minutes to watch this beautiful video called gratitude and for this day focus on the beauty of life itself, the magic of your own being.

As it says; when you open your eyes be in awe that you have eyes to open and see the colours all around you, the faces of the people, the flowers, the clouds in the sky. There is an unending magical world waiting for every one of us if only we look through the eyes of appreciation rather than lack or comparison. I have learned to be grateful for every breath I take, for the water in the shower for the joy of my family and friends and mostly for this incredible gift called life. Let your gratefulness overflow into blessings all around you.

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