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For most of my journey to discover how this universe works, I have been fascinated by the art of conscious manifestation or how things go from thought, desire to physical expression and experience. This morning I was listening to Michael Beckwith talking about his process of Life Visioning which is the book we are reading in Book Club at the present moment. The emphasis of his discussion was that we must learn to ask the right question in order to manifest that which our soul intended for us. It got me thinking. I am pretty good at the manifestation process and have a fair idea how the building blocks of this field of infinite potentiality works but I am always looking for greater understanding and deeper knowledge. Musing over what Michael had been talking about, which focuses on not what we want but what our soul’s intention is for our lives. I considered where desire fitted into this picture. I have always seen desire as the carrot at the end of the donkey’s nose, it keeps us from moving forward and striving to be more, to be better and to do more and to do better. However the deeper understanding I gained this morning was that desire come from a feeling of lack.. Now lack has always had a very bad name but think about this, without feeling lack in some area of our life we would not move forward to expand and aim for more, it is how growth occurs. If the acorn was always happy to be an acorn it would never be able to grow into an oak tree.

Two things that are coming to mind here;                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Desire springs from something within us that is wanting to be birthed and expressed into the outer world and tells us that whatever we desire is possible for us to have and experience and will enrich our soul journey of continuous growth and expansion.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Secondly to know that if we feel a true desire for something that just won’t quit we have everything we need to be able to make it a reality in our physical lives.

So I guess what I would like to say today is not to push your feeling of lack away, but to conscious look at them and realize they are messages from your Soul/God-self alerting you that there is more for you possible and to keep striving for the best and the highest in your life.Open yourself up to new possibilities, watch for signs of unexpected offers, unexpected insights, unexpected messages. When we ask the right questions we will always receive the highest possibility of the answer.  The trick is to get your physical desires aligned with your soul desires.

For all those who continuously battle with the fear of not enough money, understand it is not money your soul wants you to have exactly, what it wants you to experience is the true feeling of living in an abundant universe always supported always cared for and cared about and always provided for. It wants you experience the emotion and feeling of richness, not the feeling of counting money.

In my book Pearls of Vision I wrote many years ago; ‘YOU ARE NOT RICH BECAUSE YOU HAVE MONEY, YOU HAVE MONEY BECAUSE YOU FEEL RICH’.

My work here at Connect to Soul is all about being guided from within to truly live from the inside out. If you would like to know how to do that please contact me at yvonne@connecttosoul.com.au buy my book The Secret to Life http://connecttosoul.com.au/product-and-services/the-secret-to-life/ or book into the Bali Retreats http://connecttosoul.com.au/retreats/  or join the monthly Book Club http://connecttosoul.com.au/spiritual-book-club/ , book into a Transformation Game http://connecttosoul.com.au/product-and-services/transformation-games/

Today I share with you the question/statement I made after listening to Michael Beckwith talk about Life Visioning.

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