Von's Story

My Story, My Journey

by Yvonne Teoh Bource

My own journey of Personal Transformation began around 1987 when I found myself in a sea of emotional confusion and major life crisis. Everything I had once thought to be true for me, no longer seemed so, or seemed to matter. A terrible inner turmoil drove me to search first outside of myself, but that only created more pain, then eventually I began this journey of soul searching, looking deep within for answers, listening to the inner self. I began to make the transition from a purely physical life to a metaphysical understanding. It was mind blowing and completely life altering. I am sure to those who had known me and loved me it looked like I had lost my marbles. Now I know I had to go through the longest dark night of the soul ever and thank heavens I came out the other end into the light.

I was born at the beginning of WW2 in The Netherlands, to a Jewish mother and a protestant father, and I had an older brother. My earliest memories are not far removed from those related in Anna Frank’s diaries as my parents were leaders of the underground and we were under constant surveillance by the SS. Terrifying looking soldiers in grey uniforms with big black boots. This left quite an impression on my inner child. My mother’s family was completely wiped out in the concentration camps, causing her to be emotionally devastated.

When I was 9 years young, my family moved to Indonesia, where within 6 months we were head long into a vicious civil war with Soekarno encouraging his people to behead all foreign devils, in particular all white people. We lived under threat of attack for 3 years, after which we made a run for it back to Holland. At some time during that period, when I was 11, I was pushed under an oncoming car by a maniacal girl who went on to murder 3 young boys on that same day. All very interesting experiences and as you can imagine plenty of material for the psyche to have a field day with.

The four of us moved to Australia In 1954 my family migrated to Australia as Holland was overloaded with people escaping the unrest in Indonesia. This was yet another culture shock as in those days, New Australians were not exactly welcomed with open arms and everything including the language was foreign to me.

From all this experience in my early life I made one big decision, I chose peace. I was determined to exclude conflict from my life, I had seen and felt enough of that, I knew what it did to people and none of it was good.

My father had very strong principles. He had a fascination for the power of the mind and studied magnetic healing. He constantly questioned the purpose of life, but never found the answer in his lifetime. His favorite words were “Mind over Matter”, he believed and often proved that with mind power you could achieve much.

My mother on the other hand was love walking. She oozed compassion, kindness and thank God humour. She taught me how to embrace people and love them. I believe before the war she had the art of clairvoyance and read the tarot for her family during their many celebrations. Unfortunately due to her experiences during the war, losing all of her large family in the concentration camps she suffered with ill health her whole life, and never picked up the cards again.

Once I left school I began my nursing training. It was during that time that I realised I had a problem with my back. I was often in pain and had to have time off to get a variety of treatments. Finally I was diagnosed with severe scoliosis, curvature of the spine. Upon a full spinal x-ray there were 3 bends visible that really should not have been there. I battled with this disease for 40 years often using a walking stick, believing what I was told that it was incurable. But today I am completely free from this problem and my spine is straight and strong, a result of my journey of transformation..

I married and had 3 beautiful children. I worked at many things, always putting my family first I found work to suit my needs and my creative talents. Altogether I have had 6 different careers all leading me here. I truly believe that every experience I ever had was preparing me for this journey, which I have been involved with for the past 24 years.

During my life like many of us, I always had this nagging thought in the back of my mind that I had something important to do here, there just has to be more. That I had a purpose to fulfill, but life itself took up all my energy and I became more and more dissatisfied within. Although from the outside it looked like all was perfect in my world, on the inside I felt like I was slowly shriveling up. My soul was dying. This feeling increased to the point where I had a full blown midlife crisis. Changes had to be made. I embarked on my journey of Transformation.

Unfortunately change often means that there has to be a separation from the old and this causes pain. The journey I embarked upon was challenging, full of pot holes and much self-exploration and healing. As I have mentioned before, this is not for the fainthearted, it takes courage and perseverance and lots of love, self-love.

I believe all of the above experiences were taking me to this place, a deeper understanding of the purpose of life, answers to questions I’d heard my father ask so many times. I don’t have all the answers, but I have realised that this is a life time commitment to the journey. A journey to awaken the human spirit within to be more, to love more to open our hearts to each other and live in peace.

We are living in a very volatile time on Earth, both globally and individually. There is much chaos and anger everywhere causing pain and confusion in our daily existence. To find balance, peace and harmony within the center of this whirlpool of inconsistency, fear and aggression has become our biggest challenge. To stay positive among the constant barrage of threats of harm and feelings of powerlessness is not easy and takes dedication and commitment.

Are you ready to take this step forward to find out how much you could get out of this life experience? I hope that with the material I will be sharing with you, we can travel awhile together on this road of awakening.

Love Von xo