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The Secret to Life – Paperback

Here is your Life Instruction Manual you have always needed
Filled with easy to follow practical tools to improve your quality of life, find your passion and purpose.
A companion to keep by the bed as a guide and support forever

Get a personally signed copy here


What they Say

The Secret To Life has impacted on me in so many ways. I was a mess before coming across this book. What it made me realize is that life is to be enjoyed while we are on the journey and not just at the destination, because no matter which destination we reach we always look for the next. The book also made me aware of the kind of energy we all have and how we can use it to our benefit.


This timely book is doubly valuable to me because it has shown a truly practical way to create the life I am living/loving and continues to support me in the process of making daily choices, directing my thoughts consciously toward my desired outcomes. An inspirational delight! This book is not only a must read but a must do!


I value The secret To Life so much that I have bought copies for friends and family I truly care about. It changed my life by helping me to change old habits that were a hindrance to living fully. I know I can choose what I want for my greater wellbeing and take responsibility for how I want my life to be. I appreciate the wisdom shared as it enabled me to choose the higher good for myself and others, in my thoughts, words and actions.


Connect to Soul Retreats with Von

7 Days to change your life forever
Awaken to the Power of Self

A Soul Nourishing Expansion to access and walk your Heart Path.

Join me with a small group of like-minded people

To explore deeply within and unveil where our peace and truth reside.

Expand your horizons

Experience the sacred Balinese spirituality not available to tourists with healers, priests and shaman.

What they Say

GIFT OF A LIFETIME – I would highly recommend this retreat to people who want to be connected to their soul, their purpose and their life. It was very well organised and I did not have to concern myself with any details, I had 10 days to focus fully on myself, my connection to life with others and spiritually. I learned it is great to be me and to be comfortable with who I am.


FREEING – Von’s Connect to Soul Bali Retreat was just the thing I needed….after a traumatic and difficult year with the passing of my son….a getaway and time to reflect as well as immerse myself in this beautiful SOUL ~full experience was exactly what fit the bill.


CONNECT TO SOUL – WOW what a life changing experience this retreat was and still is. This retreat was a gift to myself for me. Just to be able to BE me. It was so well organized and balanced throughout the whole trip, it couldn’t have been any better. I had total trust in Von and just went with the flow.


Personal Coaching Sessions

Reclaim your self-worth and find purposeful direction to live a fulfilled life

Empowerment Coaching aims to bring Mind, Body and Soul

into alignment to create a life of purpose, love, joy, inner peace and success.

Connect to Soul is not just a place to get coaching

But a base for ongoing inspiration and education to maintain a happy, joyful fulfilled life.

Choose a package that feels aligned to your needs

I guarantee you will feel better.

What they Say

Yvonne Teoh Bource knows so much about this time of transition on Earth and beyond that it is good to be plugged in to her inspired guidance. Yvonne is not just a guru telling us what to do but a support to help us to make sense of our lives for ourselves. She is not only happy with life, she is contented. .. And I’m getting that way too!

Meredith Forster

A deeply felt gratitude for your caring of our mother during her last year whilst she battled cancer. Thank you so much for your support and kindness throughout this difficult time. Mum was always so much better after her sessions with you. I was always grateful for that. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


It has always been the practice of our Findhorn Group to endorse a group or individual that we feel is doing work to enhance the lives of others. At our last meeting we felt very clearly that our support should go to you Yvonne for the work you continue to do. We send our blessings and love.

Findhorn Australia

Spiritual Book Club

Reading and growing together
Do you love to read?

You can’t wait to discuss what you’ve read with someone?

Do you wish you knew which book to read next?

Have all of these questions answered by joining our Spiritual Book Club on the first Monday of every month in person or as a member of
Facebook Global Spiritual Book Club.

What they Say

The spiritual book club, the books selected for reading and discussion during club nights are eye openers and assisted me on my journey in my current health crisis, the book are easily read and turning salient points into an action plan makes the effort to attend book club night all the more satisfying

Kurt Rieger

I have been participating in the monthly book club for over 12 months and have thoroughly enjoyed the spiritual journey, fellowship and the friendship of other book club members. Each book has flowed on from the previous book but it hasn’t mattered if I haven’t had time to read the book.

Kay R

The Spiritual Book Club keeps me on the right track. It is like a chord that pulls me forward constantly. I don’t ever like to miss the monthly club nights. It keeps me connected with other people on this spiritual path. It provides a forum to speak and to listen to other people on spiritual matters which you would otherwise not have an opportunity for.

Jane B