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Some photo’s from the Connect to Soul Retreat – Ubud, Bali

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The Secret to Life – Paperback

Here is your Life Instruction Manual you have always needed
Filled with easy to follow practical tools to improve your quality of life, find your passion and purpose.
A companion to keep by the bed as a guide and support forever


Connect to Soul Retreats with Von

7 Days to change your life forever
Awaken to the Power of Self

A Soul Nourishing Expansion to access and walk your Heart Path.

Join me with a small group of like-minded people

To explore deeply within and unveil where our peace and truth reside.

Expand your horizons

A cacophony of sound, smell and colour all to enrich your experience of self and the world around you.


Change your Life in 30 Days

What you think about you bring about. Change your mindset in 30 days.
The 30 day Empowerment Program

has been designed to give you a taste of living with intent and direction. An easy to follow daily program to take back control of your thoughts and drive them toward experiencing a more purposeful and enriched life. Using this daily program, you will become more motivated, more confident and feel much better about yourself and life in general.
Download your e-book right now and watch the change.

Coaching Sessions

Reclaim your self-worth and find purposeful direction to live a fulfilled life
Empowerment Coaching aims to bring Mind, Body and Soul

into alignment to create a life of purpose, love, joy, inner peace and success.

Connect to Soul is not just a place to get coaching

But a base for ongoing inspiration and education to maintain a happy, joyful fulfilled life.

Choose a package that feels aligned to your needs

I guarantee you will feel better.


Spiritual Book Club

Reading and growing together

Do you love to read?

You can’t wait to discuss what you’ve read with someone?

Do you wish you knew which book to read next?

Have all of these questions answered by joining our Spiritual Book Club on the first Monday of every month in person or through the monthly webinars as a Spiritual Book Club Member.

Spiritual Book Club Member

Have you always wanted to be part of a Book Club?

But you live too far away? Now you can join our Spiritual Book Club from anywhere in the world.

Which book is next?

You’ll be sent the next book title and the date of the webinar to join others for lively discussions. Each book is aimed to enrich our quality of life.



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